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Harris extends media convergence platform

31 August 2011
Harris extends media convergence platform

Having introduced its Selenio media convergence platform earlier this year, Harris is using IBC to introduce an extended range of functionality, designed to increase its applications. The enhancements include powerful codecs and format conversion algorithms, writes Dick Hobbs.

Selenio was designed for the multi-platform world, combining in a single, compact box backplane routing for linear video and IP signals. This allows it to take in content in real-time or as a file, and output it to multiple different formats as required. The signal processing, which runs largely in software, allows users to build the functionality required, from a simple proc amp to complex encoding and multiplexing.

As part of its policy of developing software codecs for mission critical processes, Harris is launching a new 10 bit H.264 contribution encoder for Selenio. As well as minimising signal degradation across multiple compression and expansion cycles, the new codec reduces latency to 250 milliseconds, allowing it to be used in live links.

The processing power available in Selenio means that the 3Gb/s contribution link is now a practical proposition, without expensive dedicated hardware. It also allows other functionality to be included in the same unit, for a one-box solution.

The IBC demonstration also focuses on the simplicity of set-up. A web interface enables users to create signal paths through multiple processes by pulling on-screen building blocks together. Double clicking on each box takes you to the operational parameters for each process. Engineers can set up multiple applications to reside on a single Selenio, selecting the ones required at any time either from the web interface or by a system automation call.

The Selenio media convergence platform was developed to provide an advanced yet reliable core infrastructure as broadcasters migrate from linear audio and video to a file-based architecture. The flexibility of the Selenio is illustrated by the launch customer, OmanTel. It has installed 57 Selenios across Oman for its new HD television distribution network.

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