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Harris expands NEXIO Farad online storage

8 August 2012
Harris expands NEXIO Farad online storage

Harris Broadcast Communications has added a 50% bandwidth improvement to its NEXIO Farad online storage solution (pictured) – and will introduce a second storage protection scheme with a lower cost of entry at IBC2012. “Many of our customers are scaling their storage applications from simpler workstation philosophies to enterprise-level strategies that support future growth,” said Paul Eisner, vice president, engineering and product line management, Harris. “Harris is consolidating its storage platform so customers can choose a single product that scales from the smallest to the largest requirements, including a new entry-level protection scheme that is typically the high-end solution for similar products on the market.” All NEXIO Farad storage configurations feature RAID (redundant array of independent disks) technology to combine multiple hard drives into logical units. Intrinsic Mirroring, an integral part of NEXIO Farad with RAID-601 configurations, maximises system redundancy by protecting content across two identical storage area networks – eliminating manual processes to back up data and minimising on-air disruptions. The new NEXIO Farad configuration provides industry-accepted RAID-60 technology that combines RAID-6 data protection and RAID-0 file striping that linearly increases bandwidth as users add storage arrays. Visitors to the Harris stand can see NEXIO Farad in use with Harris NEXIO servers, Velocity editors and other Harris workflow solutions.7.G20

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