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Harris and Factum create mobile turnkey

3 May 2007

Harris Corporation has developed a strategic alliance with Factum Electronics of Link_ping, Sweden. The alliance brings transmission and headend equipment and expertise together into a turnkey package for mobile transmission of audio, video and data, writes Fergal Ringrose.

Harris Broadcast Communications Division offers a range of DMB and DAB transmitters through its Radio Broadcast Systems business unit. Factum will provide the required headend equipment for the compression and multiplexing of various digital audio, video and data services into a single transport stream en route to the transmitter. The Harris transmitters will receive and modulate the signals in preparation for over-the-air transmission to mobile devices. The alliance allows the two companies to distribute and market Harris and Factum Electronics products and support services.

“The announcement of Harris Corporation’s strategic alliance with Factum Electronics AB provides both companies a leg up by positioning us as the first vendors that can offer a comprehensive transmission and headend solution for DAB and DMB,” said Richard Redmond, director of strategic marketing, Harris Broadcast Communications Division, Radio Broadcast Systems business unit. “The ability for digital radio broadcasters to transmit video and data services alongside audio has raised interest levels around the globe. Our agreement with Factum will allow us to better service customers that are interested in delivering mobile services to consumers using the DAB or DMB standards.”

Harris Broadcast Communications Division also offers a comprehensive mobile TV transmission and headend platforms for DVB-H and FLO standards through its Television Broadcast Systems business unit. The company has increased its visibility in DAB and DMB recently as part of its comprehensive portfolio of digital radio platforms including DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and HD Radio. Harris is the only company that supports all the digital radio standards.

“Factum Electronics is pleased to enter into a strategic alliance with Harris as both companies seek to increase their profiles in DMB and DAB,” said Kenneth Lundgren, managing director, Factum Electronics. “Harris has an excellent reputation worldwide in the transmission of television and radio services, whether analogue or digital. We believe that our expertise in compression and multiplexing for the DAB and DMB standards creates a comprehensive solution for broadcasters who prefer to come to one company for their mobile broadcasting needs.”

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