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Harris aims to change playout

6 September 2012
Harris aims to change playout

Versio is a new Channel in a Box automation system from Harris. With a new technical approach, Harris aims to transform the way that specialist playout facilities provide responsive service to their clients. In common with Channel in a Box systems from other vendors, Versio is a standard Windows PC in a 1U frame. The video I/O card, however, is not a third party device but the board used in the Harris Nexio server. The company claims that means that development and upgrades will be managed without risking software conflicts. Functionally, Versio brings together three existing Harris software packages: ADC automation, Nexio server and Ikon graphics and branding. This is to minimise the challenges of integration and training by presenting a system, which is already familiar to users and engineers. “With a traditional playout automation system you need a minimum of 90 days to add a channel because of integration,” said Steven Samwell, a global solutions architect at Harris. “With Versio, because it is built on off the shelf hardware, you can have it sitting in the rack ready to go, and only pay the software license when you put video through it. “We see this as a new model for co-operation,” he added. “With an installed base we will look to supply additional hardware chassis to help the playout provider win business by running trial channels for their clients. A trial can be on air in hours, with the license key only being paid for when the trial is successful.” Harris is pitching Versio alongside its traditional ADC and D Series playout automation products, to meet different broadcast requirements. “The channel in a box solution is only suitable for solid, pre-planned channels,” Samwell conceded. “But that is the case for maybe 75% of all channels. “This introduces the hybrid model, with ADC or D Series automation alongside Versio, with one user interface, one set of training, one set of emergency rules.” – Dick Hobbs7.G20

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