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Hanoi rocks with MRC

15 October 2007

Hanoi TV (HTV) has chosen Microwave Radio Communications’s Strata portable OB system for installation in its latest OB van. HTV is also specifying MRC for its digital microwave build out, with Strata also being the latest addition to its high quality digital broadcasting capabilities.

Over the last few years HTV has installed a number of MRC ENG microwave systems which have helped to create a robust communications infrastructure. HTV selected Strata over the competition because of its state-of-the-art microwave FPGA technology, innovative modular design and range of configurations. HTV opted for a 13GHz Strata two-box configuration which consists of a two-box transmitter and a to a two-box receiver. The system uses COFDM technology and is DVB compliant.

“Vietnam is using MRC’s Strata OB “Two Box” portable microwave radio systems as a standard because of the range of the technology as well as ease of use,” stated Tony Finizio, president of MRC.

MRC Strata radios come in a wide range of configurations. The set up is quick and easy, Strata systems being tripod mounted units with snap-in antennas and requiring no tools for assembly. Strata series two box portable,digital microwave links are designed to meet the toughest requirements of outside broadcasting well into the 21st century. The very latest FPGA technology in this system allows MRC to provide considerably more equipment features in a package that is more compact than any other comparable system. The innovative MRC modular docking system provides maximum equipment versatility; simplex, duplex and diplex configurations can easily be achieved; and a comprehensive range of antennas including parabolic, megahorn, omni and flat panel sectors can be installed without the need for L-brackets or unreliable, easily lost RF cables.

The digital system will enhance HTV’s newsgathering range allowing news teams to access locations that have been historically difficult to get capture video. MRC Strata systems allow shots up to 60 kilometres. The portable units can be set up just about anywhere in the city and get shots back to the studio.

HTV is continuing to specify MRC technology in the design of its digital build out. HTV’s decision to use MRC technology is based on systems available today, but is also based on MRC’s ongoing product development. HTV is also looking to the next generation of equipment and a migration to HD requiring higher bandwidth, amongst other features. For this requirement they foresee a continued relationship with MRC.

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