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Hamlet NAB survey reveals extent of 3D interest

14 April 2010

Almost three quarters of visitors to NAB2010 want to find out more about stereoscopic 3D production, according to a survey by leading test and measurement manufacturer Hamlet.

The survey, which quizzed visitors over the first two days of the show, found that just 28% said that 3D was not on their agenda at the moment, while 29% had already had some experience of working in 3D.

The rich complexity of the technical challenges involved in creating good stereoscopic 3D content was reflected, with a number of issues being quoted by visitors. The largest single challenge, though, was the need to ensure absolutely perfect consistency between the two cameras, cited by 28% of respondents. And while 34% felt that these checks should be performed at the time of the shoot, a further 48% felt that quality control should be done at every stage of the process.

“This sampling of NAB visitors clearly illustrates the fact that interest in stereoscopic 3D is surging ahead,” said Steve Nunney, director of Hamlet. “It also demonstrates that everyone involved in the 3D production chain acknowledges that attention to quality is, if anything, even more important than in regular HD, putting tools like the Hamlet VidScope-3D at the very top of the agenda.”

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