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Hamlet floats into Flotsam

20 August 2010
Hamlet floats into Flotsam

Flotsam Films, a unique hybrid production company and post production facility based in London, has installed both a DS9000 DigiScope and a software-based VidScope-HD test and measurement system from Hamlet.

According to Tony Wilson of Flotsam Films, the devices are “years ahead in terms of the functionality real users need”.

The DS9000 is an on-screen display precision test and measurement system, developed specifically for routine signal testing in environments such as post production, making it ideal for Flotsam Films. Based on Hamlet’s bespoke digital platform it accepts the full range of application and resolution modules, meaning that users can tailor the system capabilities to their precise needs. The 1U device has DVI and XVGA outputs, which can be routed to any convenient monitor.

VidScope-HD is a suite of test and measurement tools, covering audio and video and including new tests such as photo-sensitive epilepsy. The software runs on a Windows PC with a suitable video card. Up to six different measurements can be performed in real-time simultaneously, and the user can arrange the windows to personal taste. Again, the full range of tests is available, to a very high degree of precision and consistency.

“The biggest single reason we choose Hamlet for test and measurement is that the people there are very helpful,” said Tony Wilson of Flotsam Films. “A lot of broadcast kit is made by huge, unapproachable corporations, but Hamlet really listens to us. It is great to deal with people we know at a very specialised technical company.

“The VidScope software product has a lot of potential,” he continued. “Traditionally you would have to use fixed hardware to ensure you were getting the video levels right, but the flexibility of the software solution is great. If you are in a suite facing long hours of colour correction, knowing you can drag the windows to give you the test patterns you want in the places you want is fantastic. This product is years ahead in terms of the functions real users need.”

“I am very pleased to hear Tony’s comments,” added Steve Nunney, director of Hamlet. “We ensure we to listen to our customers, because they are the experts in test and measurement – they know what they need to see and where they want to see it. Our aim is to meet their expectations.”
The VidScope software and the DS9000 will both be featured on the Hamlet booth at IBC2010, stand number 10.A24. They can be seen alongside the new compact version of the Digiscope, the DS900, which is being launched at IBC2010, and the specialist stereoscopic version of the software suite, the VidScope-3D.

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