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Haivision’s Furnace hots up with new features

3 August 2011
Haivision’s Furnace hots up with new features

The sixth revision of the Furnace IP video system from Haivision heralds new advanced recording and publishing features that allow clients to capture and distribute synchronised multistream video content, writes Anne Morris.

The VF Recorder module is enhanced to support recording and review of up to four simultaneous video streams associated with a combined video asset. During the recording, HotMarks (real-time metadata) can be applied to all streams either through the user interface or as triggered by third-party control systems. HotMarks enable viewers to search for and jump to specific tagged events quickly.

The VF Publisher module establishes automated ingest and publishing of content. After a record process, users can instantly assign content to specific groups, make the content available within the Web portal, email links to specific users or groups, or deposit the content into third-party systems for further editing.


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