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GTC Award winners revealed

18 May 2012
GTC Award winners revealed

The Guild of Television Cameramen named the Vitec GTC Award 2012 winners during its 40th anniversary celebrations in Birmingham on Friday 11 May. Award nominees included cameramen, camerawomen and technical gurus active with manufacturers of television equipment, whose work had been submitted by their peers. A panel comprising leading experts in the industry and members of the GTC Council judged entries. GTC president Dick Hibberd (pictured left) declared Jules Greenway (pictured right) winner of the GTC’s prestigious Television Cameramen’s Award on the basis of a long and successful career in broadcasting. He joined the BBC in 1963 and later spent 14 years supervising racing events for Channel 4 before retiring this year. Awards for Excellence were presented to 10 individual or team recipients: • David Morgan, Steadicam operator on Casualty, Momentum (BBC1)• Terje Sørgjerd, cameraman on The Mountain (Vimeo)• Justin Mills, lighting camera on Newsnight, Brain Science (BBC2)• Eric Veyssiere and Franck Arrestier, aerial camera on Tour de France 2011, Stages 18 and 19 (ITV4)• Rasmus Arrildt, director of photography on The Killing, Series 2 (BBC4)• Mark Smith and David Allen, camera, My Life as a Turkey (BBC2)• Neil McLintock, camera supervisor, Royal Wedding, Westminster Abbey (BBC1)• Stephen Gray, ultra-high-speed slow-motion camera, Wimbledon 2011 (BBC1 and BBC2)• Vittorio Storaro, director of photography, Verdi’s Rigoletto (BBC2)• Entire team of climbing cameramen, The Great Climb (BBC2) Three companies were presented with GTC Seals of Approval: • MTF Services Ltd for its Nikon to Sony F3 adaptor• Easyrig AB for its Easyrig 2.5 and Cinema 3• Arnold & Richter Cine Technik for the ARRI Alexa camera system The Mike Baldock Award was presented to Lt Kelly Cleeve RN, originator and producer of HMS Ocean – Christmas video (YouTube). Neil Thompson received Honorary Membership for technical advice to the GTC while on the staff of Sony and more recently as a consultant and freelance tutor.

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