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Groupe Transatlantic first with DVS R-5

8 November 2007

DVS Digital Video Systems has optimised the DI workstation Clipster with internal Raid-5 storage. France’s Groupe Transatlantic is the first to adopt the new combination that provides the highest data security while editing video files. The integration of Raid-5 into Clipster provides users with maximal data security for and avoids down times, DVS claims, writes Adrian Pennington.

Groupe Transatlantic will add two of the new systems to two of its subsidiaries. Medialab Technology, a specialist in commercial post production, has implemented Clipster with Raid-5 as a high performance connection between its two Spirit 2K Datacines, two Pandora Pogles and several Flame Linux HD workstations. The post house benefits in particular from Clipster’s realtime zoom and pan as well as VTR emulation.

Transatlantic Video, a leading service for movie restoration in France, will also benefit from Clipster’s realtime capabilities. Clipster is the core of the firm’s restoration workflow. It emulates real-time VTR and captures telecine data, allocating it for immediate use. The device already supports failure detection as well as restoration via MTI Correct workstations and reliably provides the final quality check. Now Transatlantic Video’s valuable film material will receive high-rated security from Raid-5.

Jean-Christophe Coin, Technical Director of Groupe Transatlantic: “After detailed market analysis, for instance at NAB 2007 we opted to select Clipster again. No other product is as reliable and flexible as this DI workstation. We receive an excellent workflow because of Clipster’s functionality and highest security, provided by the integrated RAID-5.”

Ernst-J_rg Oberh?_el, DVS Sales Manager, added: “The third Clipster generation easily provides the most effective workflows, that Groupe Transatlantic needs for its growth strategy. Internal Raid-5 offers best security for the valuable film data. The DI workstation of DVS supports Transatlantic in adjusting services and workflows to its customers’ desires.”

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