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GridIron makes work flow with Flow 2.0

12 October 2010
GridIron makes work flow with Flow 2.0

GridIron Software has unveiled its new Flow 2.0 product line, a powerful Project Operating System that is making the likes of DreamWorks Animation SKG take notice.

Based on a SaaS model, Flow 2.0 attacks the problem of working with disparate teams without tools to track their productivit, and no way to automatically track files, users and project relationships, and their dependencies.

"The concept behind GridIron Flow 2.0 is absolutely groundbreaking. Every executive in Media should sit up and take notice of what this could mean for their top and bottom lines" said John Batter, Co-President of Production for DreamWorks Animation SKG.

The advertising industry is now in need of precise accountability and measurability of agency creative assets. Agency compensation is driven heavily by the values of client procurement departments versus the abstract concepts of marketing. Previous attempts to solve tracking and asset management problems in the creative workgroup have relied on the use of strict manual processes and have failed. Project Operating Systems promise to deliver tracking benefits without requiring any changes to creative workflows or methods.

"We designed GridIron Flow 2.0 to meet the evolving needs of the creative enterprise," said Udo Eberlein, CEO of GridIron Software. "While GridIron Flow made a difference in the way creative professionals work, our research showed the need for an enterprise-wide solution that encompassed both creative professionals and agency management. With GridIron Flow 2.0, we are able to leverage the cloud, creating a SaaS model product that adds capability without hampering the intrinsic workflow of the creative process. Users will spend less time on administrative tasks while management will have greater visibility and intelligence into project operations and asset utilisation within their enterprise. This leads to greater profitability, efficiency and client satisfaction."

GridIron Flow 2.0 will be available in Q4 2010.

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