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Grass Valley konnects with Ignite

4 May 2010
Grass Valley konnects with Ignite

The latest line of its popular Ignite production automation system, Ignite Konnect provides automation control of the Grass Valley Kalypso and Kayenne Video Production Centre switchers, and an easy, flexible transition to live production automation.

Leveraging the proven performance attributes of its highly successful predecessor, Ignite Konnect is designed for live production automation applications where a customer already has a Kalypso or Kayenne switcher in place. Ignite Konnect allows customers to automate as much or as little of their workflow as they need, and requires little or no change to existing switcher effects. To date, over 100 Ignite systems have been sold worldwide.

“We’ve improved the Ignite system’s many features and capabilities while continuing to provide customers with a cost-effective way to launch new channels or web-based services,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “And now there’s a clear upgrade path for the hundreds of existing Kalypso and Kayenne users, so initial investments are protected.”

New hardware for all Grass Valley Ignite systems includes: a new Ignite application server (running MS Server 2008), a new HD network switch (used to manage the Ignite network traffic), a new Ignite firewall appliance (for increased system security), and a new Ignite Media Object Portal (that serves as the Ignite MOS gateway and is used to extract production data from a newsroom computer system.

Among the new Ignite 6.0.1 software features are: Kalypso and Kayenne switcher interface, which enables control of EMEM and macro recall, bus source switching, and keyer control. FuseIGNITE 1.1 — which supports Grass Valley MediaFUSE 1.2 Content Re-purposing and Multi-distribution System; and CG List Preview Support — which allows users of the Ignite CG List to send a load in preview command to graphic devices that support a preview channel (this allows a Chyron HyperX user, for example, to load an animated graphic in preview and then take the effect to air in separate commands). There’s also new GPI/GPO Pulse Support, adding the capability to perform high, low, and momentary pulse GPI/GPO functions.

Going forward, all new Ignite systems will now run on the MS Server 2008 operating system.

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