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Grass Valley improves T2 iDDR

25 September 2012
Grass Valley improves T2 iDDR

Grass Valley has revealed a newly designed and significantly improved T2 family of intelligent digital disk recorders (iDDRs) that are suited for live event production, post production, and video-on-demand applications. With increased format support and faster signal processing, the new T2 iDDRs streamline manual processes and automate key capabilities to significantly improve a wide variety of file-based workflows. The new T2 range, consisting of the T2 Express, T2 Pro, and T2 Elite models all include faster signal processing, generous storage capacity, and secure 2.5-inch HDD or SSD storage drives that enable users to work faster and smarter, while supporting more native file formats and compression codecs, including those from Grass Valley and a variety of third-parties. Both the T2 Express and Pro models provide up to 1 TB (or 14 hours) of full 1080i HD content storage, with even more storage for 720p HD and 480i SD formats. The T2 Elite model provides up to 600 GB (or eight hours) of full 1080i HD content storage using SSD. Improvements over previous T2 models include realtime SD/HD cross conversion. The new T2 models can also cross convert HD formats (between 720p and 1080i) in realtime. File format support now includes XDCAM HD422, XDCAM EX HD 35 Mb/s, AVC-Intra 100, GF 100 Mb/s, and AVCHD. “T2 has earned a place of prominence in many live event and corporate presentations, where frame accurate timing and very high resolution playback are critical to success,” said Charlie Dunn, executive vice president of Products at Grass Valley. “The new T2s offer just the right amount of features and capability to fit any production and post needs. The team has really worked hard to bring this exciting new series of revolutionary products to market in the form factor our users have asked for.”

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