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Grass revamps for 1080 50/60p

7 September 2012
Grass revamps for 1080 50/60p

Grass Valley is completely revamping its product line-up at IBC to support 1080 50/60p workflows “all the way from the camera to distribution,” with multiple new products in its three main sectors: live, news and playout/distribution.

“It’s a pretty huge show for us,” with the refresh of its entire product line (except routing, which already supported 1080p), said Graham Sharp, CMO and Senior VP of Corporate Development. “It’s the fruit of the last 18 months, since Grass Valley became an independent company.”

It is launching a brand new camera system, the LDX range, with three models initially, all with new 2k CMOS sensors that perform significantly better in low light.

There are also two new switchers that are more powerful and a great deal greener than before; and a new media server plus slo-mo/replay controller that are simple to network, allowing one channel or controller to access all media on multiple machines.

They will all work together and be integrated “in a way you haven’t seen from Grass Valley before,” he added. The products are also designed using a new modular architecture that allows users to “start with what you need and upgrade,” said Sharp.

It is also overhauling its Stratus Media Workflow application, with Stratus for Live (offering operators simpler tools to complete specific tasks), Stratus for News (fully integrated with Grass Valley’s non-linear editor, Edius, to offer a “much faster, more efficient news workflow”), and Stratus for Playout. All of its new products will ship by the end of the year. – David Fox

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