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GoPro launches HD Hero2

24 October 2011
GoPro launches HD Hero2

GoPro has launched an improved HD Hero2 camera, with an 11-megapixel sensor and a redesigned wide-angle lens, writes Adrian Pennington.

The £300 device also contains a two times faster image processor and two times sharper glass lens. Long-range remote control of up to 50 GoPro cameras, using its new Wi-Fi Remote, will also be available. The Wi-Fi link will also do live video streaming.

The manufacturer said: "In addition to much improved low light performance, the HD Hero2 can capture up to ten 11-megapixel photos in a one second burst mode as well as automatic time-lapse photos with quick half-second timing between photos. This dramatically increases the success-rate when attempting to capture magazine cover quality photos during fast action sports and activities."

The original 1080p HD Hero camera, which has been widely used as a go-anywhere action camera for broadcasting, is now available for £199.99 – £239.99 (previously £259.99 – £299.99). The Wi-Fi BacPac (which fits to the camera) and Wi-Fi Remote are also compatible with the original HD Hero camera, but functionality is limited to remote control only.


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