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Google: not Daleks

13 September 2014

Matt Brittin, Google’s president for Europe, delivered a fascinating Keynote to a packed Forum at IBC, and told delegates that he was no Dalek! (Dr Who is his favourite show). “Google is not some extra-terrestrial alien from another world,” he said, arguing that the world – despite its 2.5 billion connected people – was barely at the dawn of the changes still to come.

Brittin spent much of his session stressing that Google wanted to talk to the broadcast community, which he saw as potential colleagues and where Google-based technology was in place to aid the content community. “We want to help the large screen experience be as interactive and engaging as that on smaller, second screens.”

He explained how products and services like Google Chromecast, the Android OS, and, of course, YouTube were in place to help consumers. “We should play and partner together,” he suggested. “We don’t know the future. But we can all see the trends. We can see what’s likely to be coming.

“Android will help drive innovation. It brings with it all the apps developed for it.  Manufacturers such as Sony and Philips are working on new Android-ready displays.

“I’d like to work together with you. Not everything will turn out the way we expect.

We are a set of platforms, and we can put your content in front of the right user at the right time.  We think we can help you connect with audiences, and we can help the manufacturers and the pay TV players with their business models and help them to innovate faster.”

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