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Gold Sponsor Aspera joins the IT Broadast Workflow

25 May 2012
Gold Sponsor Aspera joins the IT Broadast Workflow

Aspera is the latest Gold Sponsor to join the IT Broadcast Workflow programme, with the company’s Bhavik Vyas explaining how the cloud will be used for transport and delivery for a high profile Euro sports tournament this summer. Vyas is director of Cloud Services at Aspera and the title of his presentation will be ‘Enabling the cloud for large-scale broadcast workflows with high-speed transport’. Cloud computing promises virtually unlimited, instant increases in compute, network, and storage resources, enabling digital media companies to scale their businesses on demand to unprecedented levels without prior investment.  However, this promise is tempered by significant technology challenges in getting large media data to, from, and across the cloud at long distances. Until now, physical shipping was often the only practical option, and the full potential of the cloud to transform IT processes for digital media – such as transcoding, archiving and distributing entertainment content – has been limited by the bottleneck in moving the data. In this session, learn how high-speed transport technology and cloud infrastructures are powering high-availability media asset collection and delivery for one of the summer’s biggest pan-European sporting events.  The presentation will cover the media contribution workflows from the geographically dispersed venues to a central broadcasting centre and the final delivery to worldwide broadcast partners using a combination of an online ordering system and an automated, on-demand file delivery solution hosted in the cloud.


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