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GlobeCast extends network to Warsaw

22 September 2010
GlobeCast extends network to Warsaw

In response to increased demand from major broadcasters worldwide, GlobeCast has established a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Warsaw for its fibre network, the GlobeCast Backbone Network.

This new terrestrial link allows GlobeCast to offer hybrid satellite-fibre solutions in Eastern and Central Europe and to easily transport audiovisual content between this region and the rest of the world.

Following the launch of PoPs in Johannesburg and São Paulo earlier this year, Warsaw is the 33rd point on the GCBN, which today spans over 92,000km of DTM fibre linking Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

“Central and Eastern Europe represents one of the most dynamic markets in pay-TV today,” said a corporate statement. “This new fibre link from Paris (Telehouse 2) to the Pkin technical center in Warsaw will opens a wealth of new possibilities in this market, most notably the easy distribution of foreign channels in HD by Polish cable operators.

“This new link will also give the many Polish channels looking to increase their audience increased access to GlobeCast teleports and satellite platforms around the world, including Hot Bird. One of the premier satellites in Europe, Hot Bird is home to some of the continent’s leading pay-TV bouquets. With this new connection, GlobeCast can now receive a channel’s signal directly in Warsaw, and deliver that channel to its Paris teleport for broadcast on Hot Bird or any other of its satellite platforms in the world. In this way, GlobeCast allows Polish channels to reach Polish communities in particular in North America and Canada.

“The launch of this new connection to Warsaw is perfectly timed, as more and more content creators are currently looking for ways to securely and cost effectively bring their content to and from Eastern and Central Europe. GlobeCast is very pleased to meet this demand and to offer a reliable, economical and powerful connection between Warsaw and the 32 other Points of Presence on the GlobeCast Backbone Network.”

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