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GlobeCast adds to HD momentum

8 June 2006

Another day, another World Cup HD story, this one being that content management and delivery company GlobeCast will be delivering HDTV World Cup coverage for SkyItalia.

The redundant solution selected includes both fibre and satellite contribution to ensure a seamless broadcast. The contribution service provided by GlobeCast is an end-to-end solution including routing and transmission via fibre, as well as the provision of encoding and decoding equipment in HD.

GlobeCast will also provide HD satellite coverage as a backup for the event, using capacity on Eutelsat’s Eurobird 3 satellite at 33? East. This satellite coverage will guarantee a high level of reliability and service quality, especially with the inauguration of the latest HD-ready member of GlobeCast’s proprietary fleet of Satellite Newsgathering (SNG) vehicles. This particular truck is the first such all-HD vehicle in the Italian market.

The service package provided by GlobeCast also includes a 24-hour on-site customer support and technical assistance desk, staffed by GlobeCast’s technical experts.


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