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Global Media expands channels with Thomson

18 March 2008

Global Media, a Colombian direct-to-home satellite TV platform has added 10 new digital channels simply by becoming more efficient with its bandwidth and moving to ThomsonViBE H.264 MPEG-4 transmission equipment.

The new Thomson ViBE encoders and Thomson NetProcessor equipment has recently been installed at Global Media’s headend facility in Medellin, Colombia, to manage the audio and video elements supporting 10 SD channels using MPEG-4 compression while also tightly integrating with conditional access software from Irdeto. A Thomson eXtensible Management System (XMS) will control the entire system.

“Thomson’s ViBE products help us get the most out of the bandwidth we have in the most cost-effective way with the highest quality,” said Juan Carlos Ceballos, technical manager, at Global Media. “We’ve been able to launch these new channels very quickly, which will provide us with a quick return on investment. All of our goals for this project have been achieved with the help of Thomson. We’re very pleased with the results.”

“With Thomson ViBE MPEG-4 encoders, Global Media has been able to do something unheard of in the MPEG-2 world, namely add additional channels within their existing limited bandwidth without sacrificing quality,” said Patrick Montliaud, senior vice president of Thomson’s networks and integration solutions business unit. “By using ViBE, XMS, and NetProcessor, Global Media’s subscribers can now benefit from a 30% increase in channel carriage as the number of available channels increases from 8 to 10 premium quality channels, using the same available bandwidth.

The Thomson NetProcessor will be used as a multiplexer and will allow Global Media to insert local content, advertising, logos, IDs, and emergency messages into the various channels as necessary.

The Thomson XMS system offers a suite of software tools for controlling and monitoring any digital television system, enabling users to configure, control, and monitor their SD and HD services through an intuitive graphical interface.

Global Media has also chosen the Thomson eXtended Mediation Unit (XMU) mediation unit, which is being used to manage the dozens of ViBE digital content delivery platform products being put in place.

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