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Glensound + RTS/Telex add comment to intercom

18 October 2011
Glensound + RTS/Telex add comment to intercom

The line between commentary and intercom systems is blurring, so it made sense for Glensound Electronics and RTS/Telex to eliminate it completely with the first dedicated combined commentary and intercom unit, writes David Fox.

The Glensound COIN GT-013 is billed as the first of a new generation of commentary and intercom units featuring the ‘best of both worlds’ from two of the main developers in each specialist area. Glensound provides the commentary interface, while intercom specialists RTS/Telex created the intercom interface. It will be followed by various multi-commentator units.

The first COIN (for COmmentary and INtercom) is a single commentator system in the Glensound style that many operators and engineers will be comfortable with. It features a Neutrik XLR microphone input with low noise pre-amps (48v switchable) and a compressor/limiter system, allowing it to cater for anything from the whispers of snooker commentary to the roars of football commentary.

The headphone monitoring section has three sources available with adjustable level controls and left/right/both headphone switching. The first source features the commentator’s own voice, the second, a local input (programme), and the third presents an interesting alternative as it has the input from the Telex Intercom system.

The top of the GT-013 is a genuine four-key Telex ADAM DKP-4 intercom panel that has been integrated into the Glensound commentary box. Each channel can be assigned to a location on any point of the Telex intercom matrix. The first three channels are selected and fixed by the operator using the rotary encoder and individual screen per channel, which is then fixed to that source. The fourth acts as a roaming incoming feed; any non-assigned communication from the matrix will come through on input four and show its source in the display.

The rear of the unit has the main commentator programme output, a Telex output of the intercom only and the link to connect to the Telex main intercom frame.

The COIN GT-013 is the first dedicated hybrid commentary unit featuring independently constructed commentary and intercom systems. They have been integrated into a single system so that users can avoid compromise necessary if adding a bolt-on commentary or intercom option.

“We are very excited at our new COIN range. The work with Telex has given us some truly unique products that should provide a great one box solution for broadcasters,” said Marc Wilson, Glensound’s Sales & Marketing Manager.


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