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Glensound readies next generation broadcaster mobiles

14 July 2011

Having enjoyed considerable success with the GS-MPI004 and GS-MPI005 broadcasters’ mobile phones, UK-based broadcast solutions developer Glensound Electronics will introduce new HD Voice versions featuring the AMR-WB codec at IBC2011.

According to Glensound, the company has ‘produced the standard in broadcasters’ mobile phones’ during recent years with the GS-MPI004 and GS-MPI005. The MPI004 portable unit and the MPI005 subrack are widely used in broadcast as an extra comms channel for talkback, off-air monitoring, or simply for a quick and convenient way for a reporter or commentator to carry out an interview.

Now, Glensound is preparing to launch the HD Voice versions, GS-MPI004 HD and GS-MPI005 HD. The new releases feature the AMR-WB codec, commonly referred to as HD Voice. The 3.4kHz audio of a 2G mobile call is replaced by 7kHz bandwidth audio, yielding improved lower frequencies and a clearer audio connection.

Glensound HD Voice connects as a 3G voice call, not a data call, so when connected the user will not lose call quality over the duration of a call, as is often experienced with an IP call. If 3G is not available, the call will connect as a standard 2G GSM call.

Both ends of the connection must be AMR-WB compatible for a HD Voice connection, hence the GS-MPI005 HD rack-mount broadcasters’ mobile phone. For contributions, a rack mounted GS-MPI005 HD could be based at the studio, with multiple GS-MPI004 HD portable units in the field.

The new HD Voice versions are said to provide great opportunities for clearer connections in OB talk-back systems as well as being suitable for contribution applications.

The Glensound HD Voice project was developed by Glensound’s senior design engineer, Ian Burns, who commented: “The core AMR-WB technology provides us with a good quality 7kHz audio transport mechanism. With our systems we were able to accurately control the audio input and output levels, making Glensound HD Voice audio very consistent in terms of levels and quality. This is obviously very desirable for audio signals in a broadcast chain.”

The new products will be available separately or as part of a package. A sample of Glensound HD Voice can be found here

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