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Glensound launches Call Classic

26 January 2011
Glensound launches Call Classic

Glensound is launching its new Call Classic POTS & ISDN phone in system, a four line phone in system with options of a POTS digital hybrid or an ISDN G711/G722 codec for each caller line.

In the age of IP based phone systems, many would expect hardware based systems to have been and gone. However, Glensound has responded to a segment of the broadcast market calling for a new high quality stand alone solution and using this system allows a mixture of POTS and ISDN lines on the same system.

The new Glensound high quality digital POTS hybrid ensures up to -76dB separation on each caller line and consistent caller output levels across all four lines. The Call Classic is unique in also featuring an ISDN codec with auto switching G722/G711 algorithms. This enables traditional ISDN links to outside broadcasts using the G722 standard, as well as the option to use G711 to connect with a normal POTS line.

The main inputs and outputs of the system are available in the 1RU 19” subrack – the Call Classic Base Station. System controller and communication is via a CAT5 connection to the desktop Call Classic Controller. The Controller includes a phone handset, dialling keypad, and the routing buttons for all four caller lines. Two Controllers can be used on a single Base Station allowing a screener in a separate location, while the presenter puts them on air directly or via the NEXT function. The system can also be used in a self op mode with a single Controller.

System control of the Call Classic is digital, allowing intelligent management and configuration of the system. For example, auto answer to hold, flash indication of whether a call has been screened or not, NEXT of screened calls only, etc. The Call Classic can also be configured as two separate 2 line systems with separate controllers for each, and separate outputs on the Base Station.

The Call Classic is the solution that meets the needs of a small scale phone system that can accommodate the main small broadcast requirements: 1) The normal listener phone in type programme, and 2) The outside broadcast sports or events type programme where the callers are station reporters on ISDN.

The first customer for the Call Classic is RTE in Dublin who has ordered eight systems. Gavin Davis, Glensound Managing Director worked on the Call Classic development for the first project with RTE: “We have wanted to produce a simple, high quality phone system for some time. With our new digital hybrid, and the project with RTE we had the opportunity to approach this mature market area and develop a very neat solution for small phone system requirements”

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