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Glensound commentates on Eurovision

2 June 2010
Glensound commentates on Eurovision

Host Broadcaster NRK used a combination of Glensound’s analogue and digital commentary systems, along with its own ISDN codecs, to provide commentary for the 120m viewers of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

It is the first time that Glensound’s Digital Commentary GDC 6432 has been used in quantity on a major international event. Glensound supplied 30 of its digital system, with five linked systems in each of six racks. The linking means that a single engineer connected to one dCCU Commentary Control Unit could monitor and talk to all the commentators connected in that rack of five systems.

Glensound Digital Commentary was supplemented with 10 channels worth of the well established GS-OC33 Commentary Control Unit & GS-OC34 Commentator’s Unit. Five channels worth were in each of the 2 GS-OC33s.

NRK provided 50 channels worth of commentary in total for the European broadcasters to use.

“At Glensound we appreciate our involvement in the commentary service provision for the Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s great to work with our regular customers at NRK Norway,” said Marc Wilson, Glensound sales & marketing manager.

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