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GigaSat in pole position for Multi-link

2 November 2011
GigaSat in pole position for Multi-link

Dutch uplink service provider Multi-link Holland chose three GigaSat FA-370 3.7m flyaway antenna systems for coverage of non-European Formula 1 races, writes David Fox.

“For this year’s non-European Formula 1 races we needed three antennas of 3.7m in C-band to be able to transmit all High Definition signals for EBU World-Feed," said Multi-link MD, Bob Snieder. “They not only look impressive. They are impressive.”

On some back-to-back events, there are only three days in between. "So a flyaway solution it had to be. We had been using a 2.4 GigaSat Fly-Away for about five years also during Formula 1 so the choice for GigaSat was made. And without any regrets." The FA370 packs into five cases with a total weight of less than 400kg.

They are "easy to set up, perfect specifications," and there is storage in the boxes for cables, etc. "And despite the very short time between ordering and first event, all antennas were produced and delivered on time," within seven weeks, added Schneider.

GigaSat provides fixed, flyaway and driveaway satellite earth stations from 45cm to 3.7m diameter, plus electronic sub-system parts including video encoders, modulators, up converters, amplifiers and control and monitoring systems.


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