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GigaContent chooses Nevion to create Scandinavian gateway for Euro 2012

13 June 2012
GigaContent chooses Nevion to create Scandinavian gateway for Euro 2012

GigaContent, a Nordic provider of broadcast contribution services, has chosen Nevion’s IP-based managed media solutions for its GigaEasyLink compressed services, to help it connect the leading Scandinavian broadcasters with one unified solution enabling quick and easy exchange of video content. The new infrastructure has been up and running since the start of the 14th UEFA European Football Championships currently being held in Poland and Ukraine.

The network, which will connect Nordic broadcasters in any-to-any environments, will enable the sharing of live content in HD quality, from events either inside or outside of Scandinavia. Broadcasters will be given the ability to manage their own services as well as provisioning content traffic – a key function of the newly created network.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Nevion, and against other manufacturers with JPEG 2000 capabilities, they offered the best solution for our needs,” said Brian Slott, technical director at GigaContent. “Euro 2012 is a fantastic opportunity to expand our GigaXchange footprint and truly become the gateway to Scandinavia.”

Nevion’s IP-based managed media solutions will play an integral part in the network’s capabilities with its Ventura VS901 hardware providing the IP transport, and its VideoIPath management platform enabling GigaContent to completely operate and manage their services.

The network will allow live connections in Scandinavia to GigaContent’s extensive contribution network in Denmark – including all major football stadiums and other venues such as concert halls and conference centres across the country. It will also offer Scandinavia international contribution access.

“This project validates that major sporting events are driving innovation and the convergence of technologies in the broadcast industry,” said Geir Bryn-Jensen, Nevion’s CEO. “The Euro 2012 Championships have provided the opportunity for Scandinavia to become completely networked for content exchange and we’re pleased that we’re able to continue working closely with GigaContent as a key strategic technology partner. It’s great to be part of such a high-profile project.”


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