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Getty buys new KIT

4 January 2011
Getty buys new KIT

Getty Images is planning to use KIT digital’s VX-one platform to localise, edit, package and distribute its video content to users across the globe over multiple screens.

The partnership merges Getty Images’ entertainment coverage and KIT’s complete end-to-end technology to create and distribute short form audiovisual editorial content through KIT’s VX-one platform with services that include: editing tools for transforming the raw footage into broadcast-ready clips, providing localisation tools in a number of languages, customisation tools for modifying video with logos, headers, name slates and other graphics to meet Getty Images’ and KIT’s clients’ preferences, automated syndication and instant/simultaneous delivery of Getty Images content in necessary IP-based protocols and formats to websites, ISPs, mobile operators, and IPTV providers globally.
“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with a clear leader in digital media content globally,” said Elin Askfelt, VP of global content services at KIT digital. “Through this partnership, Getty Images and KIT digital can provide their combined global client base with Getty Images’ unparalleled entertainment video content in a timely fashion and in all formats that are easy to access and redistribute.”
KIT digital’s distribution channels and media partnerships further extend Getty Images’ global reach. KIT digital has been given global rights to deliver Getty Images’ video content across its own network of customers through KIT’s content services division.
“The global media environment is rapidly changing and our partnership with KIT digital will enable us to further support our customers’ growing needs to provide instantaneous and high quality entertainment coverage across multiple screens. Partnering with KIT digital will also enable us to reach new customers,” said Peter Orlowsky, VP of business development at Getty Images.

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