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Get ready for the ‘tablet’ World Cup

13 September 2013
Get ready for the 'tablet' World Cup

Next summer, connected World Cup viewers will be able to choose their own camera angles and match feeds, click on extra VoD footage, chapter key moments from the games and communicate with other viewers via bespoke social media feeds.

With expectations at an all time high following last year’s Olympics, HBS chief executive Francis Tellier (pictured) told IBC delegates about some of the multimedia packages HBS was preparing for next year’s tournament in Brazil.

Turnkey solutions include a white-label Apps and Broadcast Player that will allow viewers to pick their own feeds, views, angles and request extra data in realtime. Other features include a live pause option and a key moments highlighter.

"The TV landscape is more diverse than ever before. Host broadcaster needs are now across a variety of platforms. We need to produce and repurpose plenty of additional content for rights holders on top of our parallel live coverage," said Tellier.

He added: "For the first time football fans will be able to choose their perspectives. There will also be a set of video clips and different angles available as well as an interactive camera plan that allows viewers to switch between an Ultramotion and a Steadicam."

VoD will also be integrated into multimedia products for the event, which will feature extra interviews, training clips, match highlights and promos.

BBC head of sport and interactive Ben Gallop stressed that a key challenge for the BBC would not only be to match its well-received Olympic coverage but also to enhance the social element of the tournament.

"During the Olympics 1m viewers watched Bradley Wiggins win a gold medal during the time trials online, but 999 people probably thought they were watching it on their own. During the World Cup we will definitely do more around the second screen. 2014 will be all about sharing the moment, making it more social, more connected and more personal."

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