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Germany’s WDR supplied by RTW

18 October 2013
Germany’s WDR supplied by RTW

German broadcaster WDR has purchased 145 TM3 TouchMonitor units from visual audio meter vendor, RTW. WDR is Europe’s second-largest broadcaster, and the installation of the units in its regional studios and editing suites enables it to comply with EBU R128 loudness metering.

All German broadcasters agreed to implement EBU’s loudness metering in August 2012 and WDR has subsequently employed a large number of TM7 and TM9 units from RTW. The company viewed the installation of the TM3 for EBU R128-compliant loudness metering in the smaller editing suites as a natural next step.

WDR opted for the TM3, the smallest member of the TouchMonitor family, as it offers PPM and true-peak meters, as well as supporting all current loudness metering functions compliant with the major international standards (including EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771, ATSC A/85 and ARIB) for up to six channels.

“The display provides excellent readability and the software offers great views for a large number of applications,” said Friedrich Neher, head of the master unit service group at WDR. “In addition, the similarity to the TM7 and TM9 units already in use at WDR was an attractive point. Also, we liked the idea of using the TM3 as a standalone device. The separation of the display unit and the breakout box were critical, as this considerably increases the flexibility compared to competing products.”

RTW’s TM3 TouchMonitor comprises a horizontally or vertically mounted display unit for easy readability along with a separate interface box. The meter handles analogue as well as digital stereo signals and the TM3-6CH version accepts up to six AES3 input signals. The supplied factory settings can be customised using the Devicer DC1 software for Windows and Mac OS.

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