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German post colour-matched by OmniTek

1 June 2007

Both Pictorion das werk and Elektrofilm TMT Postproduction have recently selected the OmniTek XR for image analysis and quality control. Both organisations purchased the XR from OmniTek’s German distributor Dreamwalks.

“At Elektrofilm TMT a large proportion of our work is telecine and HD colour correction,” confirmed Michael Gamb_ck, managing director of Elektrofilm TMT. “We needed a solution to measure the accuracy of our colour matching on our major commercial, restoration and telecine projects for our facility in Munich. With the OmniTek XR we can achieve 100% colour match.”

Nico Albrecht, technical manager from Pictorion das werk explained: “For us flexibility was key. The XR allows us to monitor different versions of the same film easily. From RGB log mode to video tape 4:2:2 linear we can check full and minor signals and set the system up on the monitors according to the layout requirement for each project.”

The OmniTek XR is specifically designed for colourists and post production editors working in a high-definition environment. It offers users a comprehensive monitoring system that is compatible with all regular SD and HD formats, enabling detailed analysis of the colourimetry and gamut of the specific material being processed. In addition, The OmniTek XR has a number of unique features not available on any other monitoring system, such as “extreme resolution” waveform and vector displays for total image analysis; realtime colour histogram displays in a variety of different gamuts; support for all 2K and dual-link input formats, with user-programmable LUTs to correct for nonlinear inputs; and support for “XYZ” colour space inputs for users working in digital cinema.

“Our customers required a system that was specifically designed for monitoring in the high-end post environment,” said Roger Fawcett, business director of OmniTek. “The XR has been developed to meet this need and we now believe it is the premier solution for high-end post production facilities.”

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