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German debut for HD wireless

9 November 2006

The first diversity HD wireless camera system in Germany has been sold by Link Research to Bluemer Videotechnik, which rents out wireless camera systems to both industry and major broadcasters. Sold through distributor MCI in Hamburg, the deal involves a combination of HD and SD transmitters which have been delivered to the company’s base in Leverkusen.

Bluemer Videotechnik’s Managing Director, Bert Bluemer, said: “In spite of the World Cup, German broadcasters do now understand what HD wireless technology involves. MCI and I have worked together successfully with Link products for many years and I am confident that this is going to be a first class product.”

This system offers robust HD pictures with a latency of only 50 milliseconds. The signal from the encoder is neither upconverted or downconverted during transmission and LinkHD supports all of the high definition broadcast formats. The system comes with four embedded audio channels and can be fully configured by an LCD display. It will be possible to control both Thomson LDK6000 and Sony HDC-1500 cameras with Link’s OCP and data transmitter, whether the camera is operated wirelessly or over triax.

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