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A next-generation Data Market Map

6 July 2016
A next-generation Data Market Map

Genius Digital has published a next-generation version of its Big Data Market Map.

The audience analytics company aims to enable operators to ‘more comprehensively understand’ the market dynamics around data, the key players and the role they play, and how these players interact with each other.

Genius stated that, due to ‘much confusion’ remaining around the role and influence of Big Data, it has developed the new edition to explain the functions involved in sourcing data. It takes a graphical approach to ‘demystifying the TV data universe’ and how this should impact on business strategy.

“There are so many companies claiming a role in some way when it comes to Big Data, and the second generation of our data market map provides a clear and concise guide, helping companies right across the TV and content ecosystem to identify where they fit, and how they interact with other players,” said Tom Weiss, CEO, Genius Digital.

“As well as codifying the different data ecosystems, the Data Map also provides information on how each of these ecosystems work cohesively, and how they interact with other players.”

“As our client list continues to grow, we have learned lessons, which have helped us to understand the specific nuances of gathering data, and deriving actionable insights to drive strategy from this.”


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