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Genesis aids European integration

23 October 2007

Genesis Networks has been selected by the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union to provide a point-to-point communications link for the council’s upcoming series of meetings in October. The fibre network will link the site of the meetings with the Council Secretariat’s press centre in Brussels, broadcasting content in 23 languages to members of the media who are covering the event.

The October meetings will include representatives from each of the EU’s 23 member countries, who will engage in political debates and discussions on a variety of topics. The Kiem Conference Centre, operated by the government of Luxembourg, is offering an interim location for Council Secretariat meetings until renovations to the EU’s permanent facilities in Luxembourg are completed; as such, the centre has limited facilities for the media. Therefore, the Council Secretariat needed to provide a seamless communications link to the Belgium-based press centre that would give reporters the experience of attending the live meetings.

Genesis Networks is implementing a fibre link to transport three video signals, with 60 embedded audio channels including one for each of the 22 translated languages plus the original language of the presenter.

“Our typical implementations provide two to four audio channels per video channel, so this was a unique situation,” said Paul Parente, vice president of sales at Genesis Networks. “The Council Secretariat needed a higher-quality and more seamless solution than a standard satellite uplink truck could provide, and we were one of the few vendors that could implement the entire network completely on fibre. We also have the unique capability of monitoring all of the audio and video transmissions from our network operations centre in New York via our exclusive IRIS control and monitoring software.”

Genesis Networks provides turnkey, fully managed video and data services with a global fibre and satellite infrastructure. Genesis Networks’ service includes innovative and unique options including portable bandwidth, allowing customers to make the most flexible and efficient use of their bandwidth, and the industry-leading IRIS real-time booking system.

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