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Gems TV shines with Pixel Power graphics

4 October 2012
Gems TV shines with Pixel Power graphics

The Genuine Gemstone Company – owner of UK shopping channels Gems TV, GemsXtra and Jewellery Maker – has turned to Pixel Power broadcast graphics technology to facilitate an onscreen rebranding and provide a significant increase to the graphics updating speed. Andrew Smith, director, The Genuine Gemstone Company, said: “Without graphics we’re unable to show any product so they are clearly mission-critical. The technology powers all onscreen text, complete product details, bugs – the list goes on.” The company has installed three LogoVision 3D systems and has also bought PixelPrep 3D software, which provides offline layout editing and creation. The company has already been using Pixel Power Clarity technology for tickers and stills. Smith continued: “For us the ability to change our graphics as and when we want and having a much more stable interface between the show controller and graphics system has proved very beneficial.”

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