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Gekko intros karesslite 606

8 January 2010

Gekko Technology is expanding its range of high-efficiency film and video lighting equipment with the introduction of the karesslite 606 at February’s forthcoming BVE.

Making its world-first appearance at BVE, the karesslite 606 incorporates a 6 x 6 emitter array measuring 300 x 300mm. Power consumption is a mere 45W, allowing more than three hours of continuous operation from a single rear-mountable V-Lock battery. An integral diffusion grating modifies the beam without the light restriction caused by traditional egg-crate light diffusers. The karesslite 606 can be used as a single soft light source or combined with additional karesslites into a larger multiple light source. Available as daylight or tungsten, the fixture has on-board dimming as well as built in DMX.

“The inherently high efficiency of our emitters makes the karesslite 606 an outstandingly powerful luminaire producing cool and spectrally smooth light at a very low rate of power consumption,” stated Gekko Technology founder, David Amphlett. “It is ideal for use as a primary light source and to offset shadows cast by other lights. Like the 6012, the 606 provides a very versatile lighting system for many studio and location applications.”

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