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Gekko in IABM frame

10 August 2010
Gekko in IABM frame

The first of the candidates for this year’s IABM Design Awards has broken cover, with Gekko Technology announcing that its ‘kleer colour’ colour-tunable LED light engine technology has been nominated.

As a single-source colour-tunable LED array, Gekko’s kleer colour utilises a number of light-emitting diode on a single chip which can be tuned under software control to produce millions of different colour temperatures. With the capacity to emulate traditional light sources, kleer colour gives lighting directors and camera crews unprecedented control of lighting for image capture.

Unlike multi-source RGB colour-mix devices, kleer colour delivers a broad spectrum of light that can be adjusted by the operator to match a vast array of hues across the visible range. Closed feedback ensures stable colour across a range of output levels as well as correcting changes in output as a consequence of ambient temperature fluctuation and ageing of the chip itself. In addition to its unsurpassed creative versatility, the kleer colour engine delivers high quality colour light rendition across a broad spectrum of white.

The eventual winners of this year’s IABM Design Awards will be announced at a presentation at IBC on September 11.

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