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Gearhouse Broadcast invests in new NAC camera

9 March 2012

A supplier of global broadcast solutions, Gearhouse Broadcast has announced its investment in the NAC Hi-Motion II Ultra Slow Motion HDTV camera for its Project Solutions Division. The purchase was driven to meet the demand from Gearhouse Broadcast’s clients for forthcoming global sports events such as the European Football Championship, tennis and motor racing. The Australian Open Tennis Championship 2012, which took place in Melbourne 16-29 January, marked the world’s first use of the Hi-Motion II camera in sports broadcasting. The Hi-Motion II cameras use a unique three chip (CMOS) sensor capable of capturing more than 10X high speed images in full HD and provide simultaneous output of live realtime video and ultraslow-motion replay video. The cameras provide superb light sensitivity while fitting into the workflow of sports broadcast environments. Kevin Moorhouse, Gearhouse Broadcast’s chief operating officer, said: “The new Hi-Motion II camera is a dual-format 1080i/720p system that can provide simultaneous output of live normal-speed video and ultraslow-motion replay video. The camera can work alongside other HD cameras to deliver the exceptional imagery today’s HDTV sports broadcasters and viewers demand.” Andy Hayford, NAC Image Technology’s international sales manager, commented: “As I’ve traveled with the NAC camera in Europe, Asia and the USA, the response to the Hi-Motion II is overwhelmingly positive. The camera works straight out of the box and integrates like a normal camera – and the live and replay pictures are stunning. It’s great to hear the positive response one of the Broadcasting Industry’s leading Facility and Rental Suppliers is getting to Hi-Motion II in Australia. NAC look forward to working more with Gearhouse Broadcast in the future.”


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