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GB Labs to launch first SSD storage for video

18 August 2011
GB Labs to launch first SSD storage for video

Space SSD – billed as the first SSD (solid state drive) networked storage for video editing – will be launched by GB Labs at IBC2011 next month. Part of the company’s Space family, Space SSD allows online editing of 2K and 4K DPX files in a shared environment.

The new launch is said to offer broadcasters and post-production companies the benefit of SSD storage that is more than 30 times faster than traditional spinning disk storage.

The system delivers over 3000MB/sec, which manages the equivalent of 9 streams of 2K DPX, 900 streams of HDV, 146 streams of Pro-Res 4.2.2 or 30 streams of uncompressed HD.

In conjunction with Space SSD, GB Labs’ new Space file transfer software allows users to move data rapidly to larger, cost-effective storage such as Space 48TB.

Dominic Harland, director of GB Labs, commented: “We understand that broadcasters aren’t likely to go completely SSD but some editing tasks do require high performance storage that spinning disks can’t match. We’ve provided a complimentary set of products which efficiently use high performance SDDs and larger capacity, lower cost storage. It allows editors to move large quantities of data efficiently between their storage without worry.

“We’ve designed Space SSD to offer a very high performance shareable work area that can be used to deal with demanding codecs at high speed such as 2k and 4k and 3D/HD content. Broadcasters often find it hard to get the performance they require using RAID units. Our testing shows it blows spinning disks out of the water in terms of performance.”

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