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Garland Partners to show LiveU products

21 February 2014
Garland Partners to show LiveU products

Garland will feature a number of LiveU products at BVE2014, including LiveU’s LU500 (pictured) and LU400 Series cellular uplink units, which will have their UK debut.

The LU500 Series portable unit weighs approximately 1kg (2.2 lbs) and is powered by LiveU’s new multi-processor, video encoding engine and fourth-generation patented bonding algorithms. With boot time under a minute, the LU500 is aimed at modern reporters who require the mobility and speed of deployment. The unit can provide up to 13 network connections.

The LU500 also features LiveU’s proprietary internal antenna that supports a larger number of frequencies, ensuring enhanced signal performance with long-range reception and increased uplink capability. Bandwidth optimisation allows the LU500 to deliver broadcast-quality live HD video.

LiveU’s new LU400 Series is a compact uplink unit that provides HD broadcast-quality video transmission with up to seven network connections. Powered by LiveU’s multi-processor video encoding engine and weighing around 700g (25oz), the LU400 is available in various configurations including belt-clip or camera-mount.
The LU400 offers a range of features and capabilities for live news gathering, including: low latency for interview-mode; store and forward; file transfer (FTP); video and audio indicators; under one minute boot-up time and the ability to control the unit from its touch screen, the server or from any web-enabled device.

Garland will also show LiveU’s external antenna, the LiveU Xtender, which increases network reception and provides additional resiliency for live video transmission in extreme scenarios. The Xtender allows broadcasters to use cellular connectivity as part of their existing SNG/ENG trucks, bonding cellular and satellite connections for ultimate live video performance, or remotely connected to LiveU’s backpack and handheld uplink units.
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