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Galaxy expands stock of FOR-A converters

10 March 2011
Galaxy expands stock of FOR-A converters

FOR-A has supplied two FRC-8000 multi-format frame rate converters to Galaxy Light and Power LLC, adding to its already extensive range of broadcast rental equipment.

The new converters – which complement Galaxy’s established fleet of FRC-7000 frame rate converters – have already been deployed to provide conversion of live TV coverage of prominent international sporting events.

Galaxy’s new FRC-8000 converters have been delivered with a comprehensive range of options, including Psf/P progressive format handling and the 16-channel audio cards that can handle up to two channels of Dolby E. In addition, these are the first units to be supplied with the new innovative touch-screen control panel.

Peter Jones, managing director of FOR-A (UK), commented: “The continuing successful partnership between FOR-A and Galaxy has resulted in our equipment being the first choice for a large number of live events and other applications. We’re very happy to be associated both with the events and the first class support offered by Galaxy.”

Andy Grant, chief executive of Galaxy Light and Power, added: “We now have the largest hire stock of broadcast level HD standards converters worldwide. Performance is our primary concern and these FOR-A converters are unsurpassed for frame-rate conversion quality. The FRC-8000 adds even more for performance with handling for SD and Up/Down/Cross conversion as well as HD. Also customers really like the new intuitive touch-screen user interface as it gives them easy access to the operational parameters.

“Galaxy works a great deal with international sports and the FOR-A converters are ideal for handling high-speed action. They allow us to customise the conversion parameters and deliver the best result for the specific material.”

The range of input and output standards is among the strengths highlighted by Grant, who says the converters are “very flexible and have allowed us to go between all the TV frame rates and always produce high quality output. This has opened up previous ‘no-go’ areas such as 23.97 or 24 to 25 frames per second and 23.97 to 29.97p or 59.94i without using 3:2 pulldown. Also, as we can sync two converters using Dynaxis, a Galaxy in-house designed interface, we can now offer virtually flawless 3D conversion – especially to 23.97PsF for Blu-ray mastering.”

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