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Fujinon simplifies 3D lens setup and synch

8 June 2010
Fujinon simplifies 3D lens setup and synch

Fujinon hopes to simplify 3D lens set up and synchronisation by shipping matched pairs of zoom lenses for 3D, in six different versions, with a new Synchronous Control System.

There will be four new 3D high definition and two 3D extended definition zoom lenses, with the first expected to ship in July (probably either a 16x or 18x HD zoom), and all of the range should be available by about IBC, according to Paul Goodwin, Divisional Head, Broadcast & CCTV Products, Pyser-SGI (Fujinon’s distributor for the UK and Ireland). He hopes to demonstrate the first units at the upcoming 3D Masters event in London on June 22.

Generally, lenses of the same specification are fairly closely matched, but when they are measured with a collimator, "they are often slightly different," which means that productions shooting 3D can take a day or more simply trying to find two lenses that are accurately aligned (at least for a portion of their zoom range).

Having this done in the factory "will certainly simplify matters, and reduce setup times significantly," said Goodwin.

"Shooting with two cameras means that the two lenses used in tandem must be of the same focal length and, during shooting, their zoom and focus positions must move in unison and match very accurately. Moreover, the servo drives must be free from backlash," he added.

The new 3D lenses will be optically and electronically matched, with precision zoom and focus servos that allow the Control System to synchronise the left and right camera lenses for 3D, and offer "pinpoint operational accuracy".

Of course, even if the lenses match precisely, aligning the optical axis exactly can still take work, as the beam splitters and image sensors on a pair of cameras may not align accurately, but having matched lenses should make 3D less problematic.
The Synchronous Control System includes a Zoom Controller (ERD-10A-D01) and Synchroniser/Focus Controller (HJ-303A-06A), while two cables interface with the 3D controller and lenses to provide the zoom and focus control.
The four new Fujinon 3D high definition B4 mount zoom lenses will be: the HA23x7.6BEZD-T5DD with a focal length from 7.6-175mm (350mm with 2x extender); the HA18x7.6BEZD-T5DD with a range of 7.6-137mm (274mm with 2x); the HA16x6.3BEZD-T5DD giving 6.3-101mm (202mm with 2x); and the lower-cost HAs18x7.6BZD-T5DD offering 7.6-137mm (no extender). The lenses use Fujinon’s 16-bit synchronous servos as standard but still function perfectly when used for 2D operations.
The two new Fujinon 3D extended definition B4 mount zoom lenses are the A4x7.5 BMD-DNL with a range of 7.5-30mm and the A8x12BMD-DNL offering 12-96mm.

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