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Fujinon HD lenses for UK early morning TV show

2 June 2011

The lenses – supplied by UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI to The London Studios – are being used in Studio 7 for the ITV’s breakfast programme, Daybreak. The recent order continues a 25-year association between the studio complex and Pyser-SGI/Fujinon.

The Studio 7 order comprised four 2/3” format Fujinon XA22x7BESM-D compact HD DigiPower studio box lenses, two 2/3” format Fujinon HA type wide angle HD ENG DigiPower lenses, and two 2/3” format Fujinon HA23x7.6BERD HD ENG telephoto DigiPower lenses. All the lenses have built-in range extenders and zoom and focus servos. A full range of accessories – including digital studio/EFP zoom and focus demands, shot boxes, ENG digital zoom demands and protective lens filters – completed the order.

Darren Bramley, head of camera operations for Daybreak, commented: “The Fujinon lenses are performing extremely well in Studio 7. In particular, the XA22x short box lenses, with their more compact construction and lower weight compared to standard studio lenses, are proving to be very responsive and quick in operation. These lenses had to be married up to the lightweight Sony cameras on installation, and the modified lens support brackets, designed and built with the help of Paul Goodwin and Stefan Czich of Pyser-SGI to achieve this, have proved a great success.”

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