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Fujifilm to absorb Fujinon

29 March 2010

Fujifilm has decided to absorb its wholly-owned subsidiary Fujinon Corporation, which to date has specialised in TV camera lenses and other optical devices.

With the consolidation, Fujifilm seeks to accelerate the integration of Fujinon’s optical technologies into its imaging, production and organic synthetic technologies to further expand the optical device business. At the same time, Fujifilm will strengthen the business by integrating Fujifilm’s business planning and R&D functions with Fujinon’s product development, manufacturing and sales functions, while also integrating overseas sales subsidiaries.

In a coincided move, Fujinon’s wholly-owned subsidiaries Fujinon Mito Corporation and Fujinon Sano Corporation will be merged into one company for greater production efficiency.

Fujifilm will continue to work to expand and develop its optical device business as one of its priority business fields, delivering top-quality products and services to help enhance the quality of life for people worldwide.

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