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Fuji TV leaps into IP-only future

10 March 2008

Fuji Television Network has ordered a pioneering IP-based internal and external video routing system from Media Global Links to be installed at its new network operations centre in Tokyo. The centre will control all of Fuji TV’s signals, both inside and outside the facility.

All programme content will be encapsulated into IP packets to achieve a unified routing process. At the core of the system is the world’s largest IP video router in a single chassis, Media Global Links’ MD10000. The system handles both conventional video streams and advanced media files of many types, including the next generation MXF files that are increasingly used in high-quality video production.

The MD10000 IP Video Router interconnects Fuji’s TV headquarters, affiliates and studios using10Gbps circuits at a capacity of 3.2Tbps, which means that it can switch up to 800 uncompressed HD video streams simultaneously. Owing to Media Global Links’ original technology, the MD10000 provides 100% guaranteed bandwidth, even for multicast applications, providing a highly secure and reliable transport system to satisfy a broadcasters’ stringent requirements.

Eiichi Hayashi, CEO and founder of Media Global Links said:”We have combined cutting-edge technologies from around the world to provide a system with unmatched performance for Fuji TV. Through the use of IP technology and perfect non-blocking switching, high volume uncompressed HD signals can be freely exchanged in either a stream or file format among all the connected locations without the loss of a single bit. This high quality and highly efficient system will drastically enhance the productivity and flexibility for TV programme production, both today and well into the future.”

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