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Front Porch validates Sony, appoints Root6

12 October 2012
Front Porch validates Sony, appoints Root6

The new Sony Optical Disk Archive technology, unveiled at IBC2012, has been validated for use with Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive system. The Sony system is based on the new open AXF (archive exchange format) standard which is also implemented in version 7.0 of the Front Porch Digital software, the first system of its kind to include AXF. The thinking behind AXF is to create a file format to ensure the content’s long-term availability no matter how storage or file system technology evolves. It inherently future-proofs digital storage by abstracting the underlying technology, using encapsulated packages that contain their own file system. Front Porch Digital has been active in the development of AXF, which is now a SMPTE working group. By implementing it in DIVArchive the company says it is taking a step forward toward replacing outmoded legacy formats like TAR with a storage-agnostic approach. To meet increasing demand from the broadcast and post industries in the UK, Front Porch Digital has signed a reseller agreement with Root6, expanding the distributor’s range of file-based workflow solutions. “Front Porch Digital has more than a decade of experience at the heart of file-based workflows, so being able to offer the products really strengthens our portfolio,” said Mark Jackson of Root6. “It completes our technological workflow offering, which allows us to bring new products to our existing client base and will help us win greater market share.”

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