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Front Porch Digital supplies SBS Broadcasting

23 March 2012
Front Porch Digital supplies SBS Broadcasting

Front Porch Digital has announced that London’s SBS Broadcasting Networks has upgraded its existing Front Porch Digital DIVArchive system to include greater storage capacity and an integrated external Isilon disk. Front Porch Digital supplied the high-performance disk and upgraded the DIVArchive management system to give SBS higher throughput and smoother performance for users who access its archive. "Our existing DIVArchive system currently manages two Quantum robotic tape libraries," said Keith Nicholas, managing director of SBS Broadcasting Networks. "An audit with Front Porch Digital confirmed that in order to keep up with demand and ensure a smooth experience for all users, we needed to increase our throughput. With Front Porch Digital’s expertise behind us, we can be sure we’re always maximising our system’s performance and making our content easily accessible to anyone who needs it." SBS purchased additional disk capacity in an external, 389-TB Isilon storage disk with six nodes, as well as upgrades to DIVArchive that enable it to integrate and manage the additional storage. "SBS Broadcasting is a great example of the need for mixed and smooth integration between disk and tape technologies, and how DIVArchive can manage those technologies to optimise throughput and performance," said Rino Petricola, Front Porch Digital senior vice president and managing director. "Front Porch Digital serves as a one-stop shop, offering this upgrade as a turnkey solution that includes all third-party components including Isilon." DIVArchive, the content storage management (CSM) system, is a centralised content repository for digital media assets regardless of format, size, or type, with direct and proven interfaces into all leading broadcast devices, nonlinear editing platforms, media asset management (MAM) solutions, and broadcast control systems. DIVArchive’s suitability for mission-critical applications and large-scale operations is further enhanced through a scalable architecture and the option to operate over multiple sites.

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