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Front Porch Digital integrates cloud with Object Matrix’s Platform

30 October 2013
Front Porch Digital integrates cloud with Object Matrix’s Platform

Front Porch Digital has confirmed that the digital preservation platform from Object Matrix integrates with its LYNX cloud content storage management system. The combined solution will allow Object Matrix customers to optimise the use of their storage by relying on MatrixStore as a local repository and LYNX for offsite deep archiving and disaster recovery.

"The Object Matrix team has a long heritage of digital preservation in a number of industries, but since 2009 has focused solely on the media and entertainment industry," said Nick Pearce, sales and marketing director and co-founder of Object Matrix. "Ensuring our product fits into a given customer’s environment requires strong partnerships like the one we have with Front Porch Digital. We have wanted to work with Front Porch Digital for quite some time because they have a wealth of history and expertise in the media and entertainment market that will benefit our broadcast and post production customers."

The compatibility between MatrixStore and LYNX allows customers to integrate the two products to create new workflows and automate processes that they currently do manually. LYNX delivers adaptable, on-demand scalability and uses the latest cloud and web technologies to provide networked and distributed solutions.

"Object Matrix has long been well-respected in the field of digital data preservation, which made them a very attractive partner for us," commented Rino Petricola, senior vice president and general manager at Front Porch Digital. "This partnership extends our market reach and helps us position LYNX to a wider range of customers through a company that shares our passion for ensuring the longevity of their content."

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