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From camera to cloud with Sony

13 September 2013
From camera to cloud with Sony

The cloud is moving stealthily from storage resource to fully-fledged production platform and this process takes an impressive step further forward with the launch European debut of Sony’s Ci.

Sony Media Cloud Services has timed the launch to introduce new applications and wireless camera integration.

On the production side there is Ci RoughCut, a browser-based editing application that enables the sourcing, stitching, and light editing of multiple clips. Ci ReviewApprove, allows frame-accurate threaded commenting and annotation, realtime group discussions with onscreen notifications, and the ability to export EDL markers.

A wireless adapter will collect footage from the Sony professional camcorders, enabling transmission over networks and efficient remote Wi-Fi operation. Users can transmit high-resolution files via 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi to a broadcast station, or upload them directly into Ci’s cloud. The capability enables transmitting dailies from a field location, monitoring recorded images quickly onsite, remotely sharing edited work on a cloud platform, and more.

“With today’s production teams dispersed across multiple locations and up against accelerating production timelines, getting content from the camera into the hands of editors, producers, or directors quickly and efficiently can be challenging, to say the least – especially when they’re working with extremely large files,” said Naomi Climer, president, Sony Media Cloud Services. “Ci’s ability to receive content wirelessly from cameras and immediately launch applications like RoughCut and ReviewApprove streamlines the entire workflow so that, as soon as content is shot, people around the world can start working. That’s exciting.”

Introduced at IBC in beta, Ci’s self-service model will allow professionals to sign up online and start using Ci immediately. Monthly subscriptions start at €37 per month per user with scalable storage and production application bundle options.

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