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French broadcaster adds Telemetrics into new production facilities

14 June 2013
French broadcaster adds Telemetrics into new production facilities

A regional French broadcaster in Lorraine is now able to provide more programming with a local perspective, after new production facilities were added to its broadcast centre in Metz. These include a Telemetrics camera control system, which has been installed in a purpose-built studio annexe, and can be remotely controlled by operators in the main studio.

Designed and installed by HDR Communications, the broadcast-level production facility features a three camera set using Telemetrics’ HP-S4 Pan/Tilt heads mounted on motorised elevating TelePods. The production equipment is controlled using the Telemetrics CPS-ST-S Studio Software, with a desktop joystick controller for directing set up and camera movement. Operators also work from a touchscreen display for shot recall from thumbnails on the GUI.

“The Telemetrics system was the ideal solution for this application because, among other advantages, it utilises the small space in best possible way,” said Eric Hezarifend of HDR.

Although small, the set in Lorraine is multi-purpose and can be used in the studio or outside for interviews, news delivery or live performances, with system control through the Telemetrics control solution.

“Around the world, broadcasters both large and small recognise the benefits of automated camera control systems,” said Anthoy Cuomo, president, Telemetrics. “We are proud to have our products being utilised in this important application and historic region of France.”

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