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Freeview dips into Ketchup

8 July 2016
Freeview dips into Ketchup

Ketchup TV has launched on Freeview throughout the UK.

The kids TV service has become the first of its kind to appear free-to-air on the platform.

Ketchup TV targets two to 11-year-olds with a line-up that includes Noddy, Casper, George of the Jungle, Olivia and LittleBabyBum.

It will be available via Freeview connected TVs and set tops and sit alongside the linear kids channels in the EPG.

Paul Coster, founder of VOD365, which owns Ketchup TV, said, “As the first, free, dedicated VoD channel for kids on Freeview we believe it provides a unique and easy-to-access offering to parents and grandparents to entertain the kids via their TVs and we’re looking forward to adding more premium titles in the coming weeks and new channel features.”

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